Why Choose Guaranteed Mobile Phone Contracts?

Just because you have a poor credit score doesn’t mean you can’t apply for a phone contract deal. While major carriers may reject your application, there are providers online that can give you a suitable phone contract option to meet your needs. Available to cater to people with bad credit problems, guaranteed mobile phone contracts are a great alternative to traditional phone contracts. Here are some advantages to look forward to when you apply for this type of deal:

1. You can apply online.

With guaranteed phone contracts, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or room to apply. These deals are widely available online. To get started, you just need to fill out an online form. Your provider will then contact you if you’re eligible to move forward with the application. You can also request for a quote or expert advice if needed. If you want a head start with comparing the best phone deals in the market, go to Money SuperMarket.

2. You only need to meet basic requirements.

To make it even more convenient for mobile users, online providers have only the most basic requirements for you to meet. If you’re of legal age and a UK resident with a job, then you are highly likely eligible to apply. In most cases, providers will only want to know that you can handle the monthly payments to approve your guaranteed phone contract application.

3. You don’t have to worry about credit checks.

One of the best advantages mobile users can enjoy with a guaranteed phone contract is the no credit check policy. If the credit check is an assessment requirement for major carriers, guaranteed phone contract providers only need to know your financial capability. Again, if you can provide a certificate of employment and recent pay slips then your application is good as approved.

4. You can get approve in 24 hours or less.

With no credit checks, providers can often approve applications in 24 hours or less. Granted that you are eligible to apply and you have your requirements ready, you can complete the online application now and wait for approval in a matter of hours. If approved, your provider will ship your handset and it will be ready to use once activated. To activate your phone services, contact customer service as soon as you receive your handset.