Phone Contracts: All You Need to Know

One of the biggest attractions of phone contracts is the promise of getting a free handset as part of the package. But is the handset really free? This quick guide will answer that question as well as other key concerns when it comes to phone contracts.

What is a phone contract?

A phone contract is the type of deal you apply for if you want a free handset and a bundle plan. Most providers will advertise their plans to include a free handset while some plans may require an upfront fee. Either way, it doesn’t completely mean that you’ll get a free handset if you choose a phone contract over a Pay As You Go deal. You won’t pay for the phone upfront but you’ll still be paying it, that’s for sure.

When you get approved for a phone contract, you’ll get your handset and a pre-set allowance for your call, text and data services. You’ll also have a fixed monthly fee to pay for 12, 24 or 36 months depending on which contract term you signed up for.

Who are phone contracts for?

As a widely preferred phone deal in the UK, there are plenty of phone contract options available from major carriers. With thousands of deals to compare, you’ll likely get confused which one to choose. But before you close any deal, the real question to ask is whether a phone contract is right for you or not.

Because phone contracts involve a lengthy term, you need to carefully consider applying for one. Ideally, you should only apply for a phone contract if you’re absolutely sure that it will meet your monthly mobile usage. Otherwise, you may be better off with a Pay as You Go deal. If you don’t really need a new handset but you need a bundle plan for your phone services then Sim only deals are worth considering.

How to choose your phone contract?

When choosing your phone contract, it’s not just the handset that’s important. Most mobile users are attracted to this type of deal because of the free handset. But what’s also equally important, as your handset choice, is your bundle plan. A wrong plan may result in a higher phone bill you shouldn’t be paying in the first place. When applying for a phone contract, make sure you know your needs, then find a plan that meets those needs. Don’t go for a plan just because providers say it offers the best value – do your research!

How to get the best deals?

To get the best deal on your phone contract, it’s not just about choosing the plan. You also need to pick the right carrier. What will you do with a new phone if your coverage is bad? Make sure your carrier offers excellent coverage in your area. While you’re at it, you should also read some feedback from other users of the same carrier. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of service to expect. It would also help if you can read the small print for more info on hidden fees, ending the contract early and other such important details.